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  • Stephen Sheppard
  • Cheryl Ng
  • Zhaohua Cheng
  • Kanchi Dave
  • Kim Walton
  • Eliza Kwun

Cool ‘Hood Champs

…is back, and better!

What is Cool ‘Hood Champs?

A program that trains you to become a climate champion in your own neighbourhood. Through a series of super interactive workshops, you will learn to:

  • Identify climate impacts and solutions within your neighbourhood
  • Envision your ideal climate-friendly neighbourhood
  • Champion climate action within your community, through writing and implementing your very own climate action plan
  • Connect your climate action with the City of Vancouver’s and BC’s climate policies

Watch the trailer for a sneak peek on our previous workshops!

What did past participants think?

Click for more info: PDF Summary of Our Findings

When and where are the 2021 workshops?

This year, we will be holding 4 series of 3 workshops each. The series are identical, so you only need to sign up for one series – choose the neighbourhood closest to where you live!All participants would need to commit to attending all 3 workshops to get the most out of it. (We promise we’ll keep it fresh and exciting all the way, and you won’t regret it! 😉)

How do I register?

  • Visit https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/vancouver/Activity_Search
  • Type ‘Cool Hood’ in the search bar
  • Choose your preferred series of workshops
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’
  • Remember to sign up for all 3 workshops within each series!
    • E.g. if you’re signing up for Series 1 at Killarney, remember to sign up for all three dates: Jun 22nd, 29th and Jul 6th.


  • What if I can’t attend all 3 workshops in each series?

You are definitely most strongly encouraged to come for all 3 workshops as they build on one another, and every session is crucial for bonding with your fellow Champs. We would still love to welcome you if you can’t make all the sessions, but as space is limited, we will give priority to those who can come for the full series.

  • If I can’t make all the dates in one series, can I attend the equivalent workshop in a different series instead?

Preferably not, as the workshops in each series are planned chronologically. If we have extra space, we might be able to admit you into a “replacement” workshop, but do try your best to commit to all three workshops in the same series!

More Questions?

Contact cheryl.ng@ubc.ca

Cool ‘Hood Champs would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors:

  • Vancouver Park Board (Neighbourhood Matching Fund, 2020)
  • City of Vancouver (Greenest City Grant, 2021)
  • Killarney Community Centre Society
  • Hastings Community Centre Association
  • Trout Lake Community Centre Association

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