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  • Stephen Sheppard
  • Cheryl Ng
  • Zhaohua Cheng
  • Kanchi Dave
  • Kim Walton
  • Eliza Kwun

Cool ‘Hood Champs

The Cool ‘Hood Champs program was a fun, action driven workshop series that trained participants to take climate action within their own neighbourhood.

Many Vancouverites care about climate change, but lack the knowledge & confidence to take action. Moreover, most climate action occurs at the municipal or regional scale rather than the neighbourhood scale. However, people are more likely to engage in climate action when it is fun, hands-on, and local. Seeing a clear need here, we launched the Cool ‘Hood Champs program to train local residents to become climate champions in their neighbourhood!

This workshop event has passed but you can take a look at the event details on our Facebook event page. This event was also feature in a new article! Click here to read more.

Through a series of workshops, participants:
  • Learnt to identify local climate impacts and solutions
  • Envisioned their ideal climate-friendly neighbourhood
  • Met existing climate champions and fellow champions-to-be
  • Crafted their very own climate action plans!
  • Received free trees from Vancouver Park Board, and planted them in their homes!
What’s more, we even tested two versions:
  • In person at Killarney Community Centre (Feb – Mar 2020)
  • Virtual, due to COVID-19 measures (Apr 2020)
What did we learn from this?


managed to bond & network with fellow climate champions.


felt they learnt about fun ways to engage their friends, family, and neighbors in climate action.


felt more motivated and confident to take climate action after the program.


other organizations reached out asking us to hold similar workshops for their communities.

Click for more info: PDF Summary of Our Findings

Watch our Trailer video and some workshop testimonials below:


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