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    Start up screen

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    Solar Quest: Introduction

  • Introduction: Type in your name

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    Main menu screen

  • Solar Quest: Tutorial

  • Urban Forestry Quest: Game Play

CALP Researchers:
  • Stephen R.J. Sheppard
  • Deepti Mathew Iype
  • Alicia LaValle
  • Zhaohua Cheng
  • Kanchi Dave
  • Kimberly Walton
  • Tiffany Wu
  • Gowtham Mohan
  • Theresa Kikuchi
  • Hussaina Wardhawala
  • Thai Ngoc Nguyen Dinh
Thanks to:
  • Dave Fracchia – Centre for Digital Media
  • Alicia LaValle – former CALP Researcher, Natural Resources Canada Scientist
  • Craig Brumwell – Kitsilano Secondary School
  • Samsara Marriott – Norma Rose School
  • Ronald Macdonald, Ashley Bangsund and Laura Nickerson – Vancouver School Board
  • Magda Byma – Science World
  • Rowan Waldron – UBC Sustainability and Engineering
  • Ralph Wells – UBC Sustainability and Engineering
  • Mehak Dave – Logo Designer

Our Future Community – Beta

Our Future Community is a place-based educational video-game to explore climate change challenges and solutions.

Set near Kitsilano, you play as a high school student ready to take action and learn more about climate change solutions. Two of your fellow classmates help you learn more about mitigation and adaptation strategies. There are two Quests in the game: the Solar Quest and Urban Forestry Quest. Your goal is to complete these two quests to the best of your ability.

Solar Quest

In this quest, you learn about which types of roofs are the best for putting solar panels. Once you’ve gotten a grasp for these concepts, you are given a budget that you can use to retrofit 3 houses on your block. The goal is to generate your neighborhood’s own renewable energy within this budget.

Urban Forestry Quest

In this quest, you learn about why planting trees is a great adaptation strategy but before you get to planting trees, you must first understand where the best place to plant them is. Once you’ve understood this, you are given a certain budget to plant trees around your block. You must balance factors such as budget, planting locations, and tree mortality.

Download the game:

Open Source Code:

Check out the code for this game!

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Sponsored by Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Solutions Initiative, Vancouver School Board, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, and Centre For Digital Media

Project Funders:

Project Contact: Kanchi Dave ( kanchi.dave@ubc.ca)

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