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CALP members presenting at Urban and Community Forestry Society Learning Series

Urban and Community Forestry Society   January 2024

Climate Action Senior Planner – apply by Dec 14, 2023

Oak Bay Careers   November 23 2023


Oak Bay hands out free trees to grow urban forest cover to 40% by 2045

Oak Bay News   November 5 2023

Tree Appreciation Day at Oak Bay District & Learn how to climate-proof your neighborhood

Oak Bay News   November 5 2023

CALP members and Oak Bay staff presenting in 2nd World Forum on Urban Forests in Washington, D.C.

CALP News   October 18 2023

Citizen’s Coolkit recognized as one of the top 75 best ideas globally to save the environment

Message from the Prime Minister of India  May 31 2023

Tree Day celebrates community climate champions

Oak Bay News   November 3 2022

Cool Hood Champs & Neighbourhood Climate Action Champions / Eating and Growing Green

The Podcast   October 26 2022

Meet the B.C. residents training to make their neighbourhoods more resilient to climate change

CBC News   October 15 2022

Oak Bay Coolkit is training climate champions

CBC News   July 20 2022

Experts say the cooling effect of urban tree canopies can help neighbourhoods in B.C. mitigate extreme heat

CBC News   June 24 2022

Expanding green canopy can cool neighbourhoods as heat wave danger grows

CBC News   June 24 2022

B.C. program wants you to help tackle the climate crisis — on your street

CBC News   October 23 2021

The Vancouver neighbourhood trying to put a dent in climate change

CBC News   October 23 2021

Addressing climate change anxiety

Raji Sohal, CKNW Contributorro   October 14 2021

UBC Forestry’s Cool ‘Hood Champs Program – An Answer to Climate Anxiety

UBC Faculty of Forestry   September 27 2021

Fighting climate change through our urban forests

Beyond   August 24 2021

Expanding green canopy can cool neighbourhoods as heat wave danger grows, say experts

The Weather Network   July 31 2021

Vancouver trees dry out as heat wave continues to take its toll

The Tyee   July 5 2021

How B.C can adapt in the heat and wildfires, and a report on combating climate change in rural areas

Spice Radio   June 30 2021

How to keep our cities cool during the heat wave and UBC cool “hood champs”

Spice Radio  June 30 2021

Where Does Vancouver’s Urban Forest Need to Grow Next?

The Tyee   May 5 2021

Les champions du climat à Vancouver inspirent leur quartier à agir

Radio Canada   September 20 2020

City of Vancouver to meet 10-year tree planting goal

CBC News   September 19 2020

How Vancouver plans to cool down the hottest parts of the city amid global climate change

CBC News   August 10 2020

How to climate-proof your neighborhood, one step at a time

Beyond UBC   July 10 2020

A community garden in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. PHOTO BY ARLEN REDEKOP /PNG

Transformers: Harnessing ‘citizen power’ for that other emergency

Vancouver Sun   June 3 2020

Rebuilding society to be greener, cleaner, and resilient in the wake of COVID-19

Trek Magazine   May 27 2020

How do we galvanize climate action in Vancouver?

Suzuki Elders   May 20 2020

Urban forests: a connection through time

Government of Canada   April 23 2020

Dr. Stephen Sheppard speaks about climate action at the neighbourhood scale during the pandemic

CKNW The Jill Bennett Show   April 22, 2020

Saving the planet in the midst of a pandemic

UBC News   April 21, 2020

B.C. forests contribute ‘hidden’ carbon emissions that dwarf official numbers

CBC News   January 30, 2019

UBC’s Citizen’s Coolkit provides tips to cool your home and neighbourhood

CBC News   July 30, 2018

UBC researchers use augmented reality to teach kids about climate change

UBC News   September 13, 2016

People need trees.
Cities need forests.

UBC News   March 6, 2013